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Our Birth Story: Welcome Jordyn & Davis

From managing all of the emotions that came with finding out we were expecting twins to experiencing a twin pregnancy… the day was finally here. On March 27 2021, we welcomed our beautiful twins to the world. Our baby girl, Jordyn, was born first at 9:10pm weighing in at 4lbs 15oz and was 18in long. Seven minutes later, our baby boy, Davis, was born at 9:17pm weighing in at 5lbs 9oz and 19in long.

The week the twins were born included a rollercoaster of emotions. My husband and I headed into our weekly OB appointment as normal on a Tuesday, but something felt different this day. At 32 weeks, I shared with you all that I was already 3cm dilated and my cervix was 70% effaced (thinned out). By the time I had my next appointment (1 week later), I was now over 5cm dilated and my cervix was 90% effaced.


In this very moment, all I could think to myself was “it’s too soon”...”we still have 7 more weeks”...”we aren’t ready yet”. I remember feeling anxious, overwhelmed, but truthfully, I was scared. Terrified of all of the unknowns and did my absolute best to stay prayerful and positive, but most importantly trust God to cover mine and my children’s health because it was time. My OB made the decision to officially admit me to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon after regularly having contractions and my cervix continuing to progress. We rushed home, grabbed our hospital bags, gave DC so much love and we were on our way to the hospital.

So now what? What was the plan from here?

Well... here is how it all went down!

  1. I was admitted to the Labor & Delivery Unit on a Tuesday afternoon.

  2. I completed another round of a 2-dose steroid shot to help develop the babies lungs quicker. Remember this is a 72-hour process to become fully effective! This process was completed on Thursday.

  3. After regularly contracting, I was given medicine every 4hrs to STOP contractions. This continued until Friday.

It was clear from the moment I was admitted, I was not leaving with the same big belly! I was only allowed 1 support person, Don, who was not allowed to switch out with any other family members during my entire stay. Unfortunately, I was not allowed any visitors which came with not being able to see DC. Talk about one of the hardest things ever. Obviously, going into labor was not planned and our family and close friends really stepped up during this time. Taking care of DC and everything at home while we focused on preparing for a safe delivery.

As each day passed, I pushed through the contractions and had several pep talks with the twins. Letting them know to hang on just a little bit longer and that whatever was meant for us once they arrived, we were going to conquer every challenge and accomplish every milestone. I knew in my heart, the 3 of us were strong and we could do this.

The BIG Day!

It was Saturday morning.

I was officially 34 weeks pregnant.

I was 8cm dilated and my cervix was 100% effaced.

It was time. It was time to meet our babies.

As we began the process to prep for labor, my OB gave me 1-hour. 1-hour to take a shower, change, and eat. Both babies were head down and in position to deliver vaginally. Only 45 minutes after my epidural begun, it was time to push! I facetimed my parents and my sister as they rolled me to the operating room. Tears filled my eyes as reality started to sink in that I was about to deliver my babies and I had an important job to accomplish. It was my job was to stay calm, breathe and PUSH! I replayed my mom’s voice in my head over and over again as I could hear her encouraging me. I remember so clearly after pushing out both Jordyn & Davis, waiting to hear them cry felt like a lifetime... and there it was.

After 15 minutes of pushing...

2 cries later...

Our babies were finally here!

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