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Our NICU Journey

Although we had a heads up that the twins would more than likely have some time in the NICU, nothing can fully prepare you for this experience. After spending a week in the hospital, I was discharged and sent home. Sent home, without our sweet babies.

So, what kept them there so long and what were they working on?



THREE key things babies work on in the NICU:

  1. Breathing

  2. Body Temperature

  3. Feeding


  • No oxygen support needed.

  • Spent 12hrs in an incubator, then was able to maintain body temperature in an open crib.

  • Jaundice levels spiked and completed 12hrs of photo therapy.

  • Feeding tube for 21 days and transitioned to 100% bottle feeding.

  • Red blood count levels were extremely low and have 6 injections over a period of 12 days to increase levels.


  • No oxygen support needed.

  • Spent 12hrs in an incubator, then was able to maintain body temperature in an open crib.

  • Feeding tube for 14 days and transitioned to 100% bottle feeding.

Don & I were not allowed to stay overnight at the NICU and had to travel back and forth. We visited twice a day where we were able to change, clothe and feed the babies. Visits never felt long enough, and we always felt a sense of guilt every time we left the hospital. Sleep was not a thing, and our house did not feel like a home without them both in it. The NICU world can be both frightening and reassuring. It is a world of tears with anguish and of pure joy. But most of all, it is a world that offers hope. With each day that passed, we witnessed our babies growing. With every milestone they accomplished, we celebrated.

NICU Stay? - Helpful Tips!

  1. Do your research and ask questions. Be prepared for different scenarios!

  2. Prepare to feel a rollercoaster of emotions. Your strength will be tested!

  3. Lean on your support circle. Accept the help!

  4. Start bonding immediately. The babes love skin to skin!

  5. Create a home away from home. Get creative in the NICU! (Fun outfits, decorating bassinet, etc.)

Our babies were fighting to get home, and the day they were home together is the day we felt a huge weight lifted off our shoulders. The journey of our family of 5 was just beginning.

How are Things Going?

We are 11 weeks in to being a family of 5 and it has been such a fun, yet so crazy experience so far! Each day we learn something new. Some days are great, and some days are hard, but we make sure to make the most of each day. There is no “rulebook” to parenting and we are figuring it all out with our twin infants and toddler who is into everything! What did I learn so far?

  1. Be patient and give yourself grace!

  2. Lean on your support circle and take the help!

  3. Don’t focus on who hasn’t checked in, but who HAS!

  4. Celebrate big and small milestones every day!

  5. Laugh and smile through the hard days!

  6. Love and appreciate your partner!

  7. Learn to love your mama body!

  8. Do things that make you happy!

  9. Do not feel pressured by other moms!

  10. Ignore ALL negative comments and do what works for YOU and YOUR family!

Each day is an adventure in the Mahone household and it’s time to enjoy this unforgettable ride of raising our 3 children.

Cheers to completing our beautiful family!

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