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Welcome to MMM!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Welcome to Mommyhood, Marriage and More, MMM!

I am so excited to start this journey with you all as I share my personal experiences to encourage people to find the joy in life. Let’s start from the beginning and I would like to formally introduce myself!

My name is Jasmyn, but everyone calls me Jasz!

I am a Chicago native, but currently reside in the suburbs of Chicago with my family. I attended Illinois State University for my undergraduate degree where I received my Bachelors from the College of Business in HR Management. Go Redbirds! I am a first-generation college student and my experience at ISU was one of a kind. I had the opportunity to be very involved on campus. It was at this moment where my wings started to spread, and I began to truly understand and define who I wanted to be as a woman and as a person. Along with being involved with multiple organizations on campus, I am a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated where I crossed as a sophomore. Shout out to all my Sorors! Not only did I create lifelong friendships at ISU, but I met the love of my life, Don.

Don & I met at ISU at a college party in 2012 and the rest is history! We spent countless hours in the library, taking walks around campus and had multiple dates at Chilis. We were living the life, after all, we were 2 broke college kids! Don and I’s chemistry from the start was a connection that neither of us could ignore. Every day I spent with him; I was falling more in love with my best friend. Don also was a student in the College of Business where he studied Finance, and unfortunately, there aren’t too many people that look like us that are enrolled in the business school. Don and I both thrive off challenges and we were both determined to tackle our curriculum which included a ton of late nights and dedication. Don is also a part of the Greek community and a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. There were so many great moments Don and I got to experience together as college sweethearts. Not only was he my best friend, but he then became my mentor constantly pushing me to do better, be more and be the absolute best version of myself I could ever imagine.

Don is 2 years older than me, so we spent my junior and senior year of college maneuvering through the distance. Although Don would come down to ISU almost every weekend, there were moments that were challenging with work schedules and homework. Finally, we made it to graduation in 2016! Graduation was extremely special to me because I just remember my parents holding my degree so proudly as if it was them that graduated.

By far one of the best moments in my life to make my parents as proud as I did that day. After graduation, Don and I made the decision to move into an apartment together in the suburbs of Chicago and this is where the real work began! Over the course of 18 months Don & I added our dog Ace Boogie to our family, started grad school at Benedictine University, broke our lease to move back in with my parents to save for a home and got engaged. Talk about life hitting you all at once!  

In 2017, we celebrated bringing in the new year with the purchase of our first HOME! And just when we thought 2017 was busy, 2018 was an even busier year where we both graduated with our Masters and officially tied the knot on September 7th! Two days after our wedding, we celebrated our union by traveling to Thailand where we unplugged and spent 2 weeks celebrating our love.

Little did we know 2019 had the biggest surprise for us. We found out we were expecting our baby boy, DC in March 2019 and he was born on November 23rd!

So how did I get here? Where did Mommyhood, Marriage and More come from? Well, I am 27 years old and in the last 5 years I have experienced more change in my life more than ever before. Transitions aren’t meant to be a bad thing, but they are the perfect examples of how life changing events can be. Life transitions bring happiness, sadness, motivation and even sometimes anxiety.

I decided to launch my personal brand because I want to pour into those around me that you are not alone! I am still learning to be the best wife. The best mommy. The best woman I can be.

I am still learning.  

My brand has different focus areas where I will be sharing my personal experiences, providing tips and building a positive community to motivate and encourage those around me. Mommyhood will focus on everything from pregnancy to postpartum to taking care of my almost 1 year old. Marriage will focus on partnerships and commitment. Now to the “And More”. As a HR professional, More will be focusing on career development, coaching and financial literacy. But really, sky is the limit for More!

I can’t wait to grow with you and share my personal experiences along the way of how I have navigated through life so far. Like I said earlier, I am still learning, so I am also excited to learn from you! Every expert was once a beginner. I hope my blog and content brings you encouragement, motivation and most importantly, allows you to enter a safe space to feel comfortable and confident. I guess here goes nothing... Welcome to MMM!

With Love Always,


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