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Welcome to the Final Stretch!

And just like that, we are now at the point where our twin pregnancy will soon come to an end. I have officially made it to 32 weeks carrying our twins!

The first trimester, we were overwhelmed with emotions of excitement and shock! Let us also not forget the constant sickness and fatigue. During the second trimester, we entered the glory days of having high energy, feeling fabulous, and enjoying our sweet baby bump and all the kicks that came with it! We entered the third trimester at 28 weeks, and it was at this stage, things got REAL! From experiencing restless nights, intense back pain, and lots of bathroom breaks. It feels like my body has been challenged to its fullest carrying twins, but I know this is only the beginning of what is to come.

Things to Know:

  1. The goal is to get your babies to 34 weeks! If your cervix happens to progress before then, your doctor more than likely will recommend getting steroid shots. This consists of 2 shots that are exactly 24 hours apart from each other and help develop the lungs of the babies quicker just in case preterm labor is near.

  2. Preeclampsia can start to develop as early as 20 weeks! Taking a low dose of aspirin daily (81mg) is completely safe and will help keep blood pressure levels normal. Mamas can start taking this as early as 12 weeks pregnant!

  3. Pay close attention to the position of your babies as this will help you with your birth plan and postpartum recovery. Babies can be positioned head down, breeched (feet first), or even transverse (sideways).

  4. Understand the different scenarios of delivering your twin babies and what that means for your postpartum recovery. Baby A has a big job here… This baby is the baby closest to your cervix and will be delivered first.

  5. Baby A is Head Down: Vaginal Birth UNLESS Baby B is significantly bigger than Baby A. Your doctor can deliver Baby B breeched vaginally if needed.

  6. Baby A is Breeched: C-section

  7. It is possible to have BOTH a vaginal and C-section delivery. This occurs when Baby A is head down, but once they are out, Baby B either 1) does not slide into position or 2) your doctor has a hard time moving Baby B around to deliver vaginally. Sounds traumatic right? Well, remind yourselves to trust your body while cheering yourself on throughout the entire process. The main goal is to have a healthy mama and babies!

So where does this leave me at 32 weeks? Here are some UPDATES!

  • My doctor discovered I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced (cervix thinned) at 28 weeks pregnant! I had a 2-dose steroid shot to help develop the babies lungs quicker which is a 72-hour process to become fully effective! Early cervix progression is extremely common with twins in general PLUS this is my 2nd pregnancy. Muscle memory is a real thing!

  • I did not pass my 1-hour glucose testing and my sugar levels were higher than normal putting me at risk for gestational diabetes. I was scheduled for a 3-hour glucose testing, getting my blood drawn 4 different times within 3 hours and yes, I was poked each time. OUCH! Good news is I passed the 3-hour glucose testing.

  • Contractions are happening daily!

  • Stretch marks are taking over! I am constantly reminding myself to give myself grace because I am carrying two babies, but always easier said than done. Here are some products that I am using:

Purchased these products from


  • Babies are heavy and gaining weight each week. Which means more pressure on my back and pelvis. Here is an awesome belly band my doctor recommended!

  • I was officially put on bed rest at 30 weeks! I am currently 3cm dilated and 70% effaced which is an indicator that 1) my cervix is progressing fast and 2) we will soon get to meet our sweet babies.

I think it is safe to say... TIME IS TICKING!

Thanks to my incredible husband and our amazing village, we have been able to hold a Baby Sprinkle, complete the twins’ nursery, organize our home, pack our bags, and participate in a maternity photoshoot!

The final stage of any pregnancy is hard. The emotions and physical changes that come with it can have mamas feeling restricted and even sometimes defeated. My biggest challenge with this pregnancy was accepting my limitations. The hardest one of all being not able to pick up or play on the floor with my son. The moment I was put on bed rest, I was restricted from cooking, cleaning, running errands, and sitting straight up for long periods of time. All seems minor right? One of the hardest things is not having control over your body and having to accept those changes.

Make your final weeks of pregnancy a bit more manageable, both mentally & physically!

  1. Take advantage of foot rubs!

  2. Lean on your support circle! Having the support of your tribe helps with some of the harder days. Pay attention to who has checked in throughout your pregnancy, because yes, it matters.

  3. Set reasonable goals as you begin to nest! Organization and feeling prepared is the best feeling.

  4. Get fresh air every chance you can! Officially, I have been working remotely for a year and a change of scenery can change your mood so quickly.

  5. Stay connected with your family and friends! Do not be afraid to ask for help.

A friendly reminder to all mamas, you got this, and you are crushing every stage of pregnancy! Trust, love, and embrace your body even through the hard moments. Our bodies are amazing. Being able to carry life is one of many blessings to be able to experience.

Jordyn Taylor & Davis Karter, we cannot wait to meet you.

With Love Always,


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